Toplotne črpalke MasterTherm AquaMaster

Modern and proven solution followed through to perfection
Upgraded ver sion of the ver y successful ground-water (water-water) system, particularly suitable for applications with the ground collector. The performance range is graded over a wide range from about 7 to 64 kW, which covers a wide spectrum of applications. The AquaMaster heat pump operates with high efficiency and extreme reliability. With the output water temperature up to 60°C it is also suitable for renovation of older residential houses. The unit can be retrofitted with a desuperheater to achieve high efficiency and higher temperature of the DHW supply system. Another advantage is the exceptionally low noise compressor, mounted on an anti-vibration frame, the unit can be safely placed anywhere without being bothered by noise. The AquaMaster unit is a proven product offering quality components, modern technology and controls, a wide basic and additional equipment and above all an excellent price-performance ratio.