Toplotne črpalke MasterTherm EasyMaster Indoor Split

Extremely flexible solution for indoor installation in self-contained houses and blocks of flats
Our latest offer represents a brand new concept of heat pumps for indoor installation. The split design of the unit allows easy handling and great flexibility of the plantroom’s spatial layout. Unlike the competing monoblocks the EasyMaster Indoor Split unit’s spatial requirements are significantly lower while offering greater adaptability in terms of the plantroom layout. The evaporator can be mounted up to 15 meters from the main unit and the two parts can be for example installed in two separate premises. The Indoor Split concept is very suitable for a cascade connection of up to several hundred kW in residential and prefabricated buildings, where the outdoor installation is usually not possible and the limited size of the existing plantrooms has to be made use of. All the advantages of the Easy Master heat pump are retained: a robust design, top quality rated product, electronic refrigerant injection and state-of-the-art control are all in place.